Event Info


Juneteenth Observance on Wednesday, June 19, 2023, at 10:00 am
Park Community Church, 1001 N Crosby St., Chicago IL 60610

Chicago Sunday Evening Club invites you to celebrate their 2024 Juneteenth Observance Event! Come celebrate a milestone in the history of the African-American people, educate ourselves on progress made and the great work that remains, and rededicate our lives to Dr. King’s vision of the beloved community.

Alongside the Chicago Sunday Evening Club, we are delighted to have as our co-sponsors: Park Community Church, Renew Chicago, Black Lives Sacred, and Church of the Holy Comforter.

List of participants: 

Host: Pastor Roy Patterson,

Community Relations Director and Moody Radio Host

Soloist: Tenor Rodrick Dixon

Speaker: Pastor Jonathan Brooks, Lead Pastor, Lawndale Christian Community Church


Sponsored by:
Park Community Church, Chicago
Chicago Sunday Evening Club
Renew Chicago
Black Lives Sacred

Church of the Holy Comforter 


For more info, please contact Mike Rolfes, 847-951-9708

Let’s come together and commemorate this day with music, prayer, inspiration, and wisdom.

  • CELEBRATE a milestone in the lives of African American men and women
  • EDUCATE ourselves about the progress made and the long road laid ahead
  • REDEDICATE ourselves to Dr. King’s dream of a beloved community