Get Involved

An intellectual understanding of allyship can only get you so far.

In our homes, on our blocks and in our churches is where the heart change happens.

You’re here because you want to do something, but what, you don’t exactly know.

We’re here to help.


An ally is defined as a person or organization that cooperates with or helps another in a particular activity. The Allies are organizations that:

-Exemplify Black excellence we can look up to and learn from and/or

-Serve, uplift and connect with our Black brothers and sisters.


Your time is one of your greatest gifts to give. Every single one of these organizations is hosting events year-round, whether they be one-time or ongoing. Check in for the latest ways to get involved, either virtual or live!



UR Chicago Alliance is a faith based work development program that unites and mobilizes churches, community organizations and businesses to provide access to living-wage opportunities and long-term support through a network of Christ-centered relationships.

The Field School is a diverse, classical school that feeds the hearts and minds of children through rigorous study rooted in a Christ-centered environment. We are currently located in Oak Park and serve families living in Austin, Garfield Park, and many other neighborhoods across Chicago.

By The Hand is a Christ-centered, after-school program that takes kids by the hand and walks with them from kindergarten through college, loving and nurturing them—mind, body and soul. Thanks to the many people who help make The Solution possible, they now serve nearly 1,600 kids from Cabrini-Green, Altgeld-Murray, Austin and Englewood, with property in North Austin to begin serving there.

Church of the Holy Comforter is a lively faith community in the Episcopal Church composed of people from diverse backgrounds, circumstances, and spiritual journeys. What joins them together is God’s love for all people everywhere. They live out that love through worship, education, service, fellowship, and pastoral care, and through a warm welcome to those who are new to the parish.

The Justice Journey Alliance is a non-profit Christian ministry in Chicago, which sponsors regular opportunities for people of all races, ages, and faiths to come together to seek mutual understanding and to develop community-based solutions to promote equality, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity awareness, in support of racial reconciliation and social justice.

Breakthrough Urban Ministries is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that partners with those affected by poverty to build connections, develop skills, and open doors of opportunity. With a hyper-local, 40-block focus, Breakthrough provides a myriad of services focused on a profoundly simple formula: people first.

GRIP’s mission is to invest in the lives of Chicago youth through Christ-centered, Life-on-Life relationships. They have have a vision for thousands upon thousands of kids to grow into solid Christian adults who will positively impact and contribute to society, their communities, their churches, and their families.

Pursue Scholars holistically invests in emerging urban leaders in pursuit of higher education. Holistic support is financial, social, and spiritual. We have a vision to train and connect the next generation of leaders to be change agents in communities across our city.


Support Black-Owned Business

Connect with over 500 Black-owned shops in Chicago.